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Gracie Jo's Candles

Hello & welcome to our website. We are happy to have you here. Take a look around. If you need help finding an item or have any questions, click the FAQ page or contact us. We are more than happy to hear from you. 


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(Single Pack) - Halloween Skulls-
$13.06 $6.20-$12.01
(Single Pack) - Hearts-
(Single Pack) - Large Scallops-
$13.06 $6.20-$12.01
(Single Pack) - Paw Prints-
$13.06 $6.90-$12.71
(Single Pack) - Pumpkins-
$13.06 $6.20-$12.01
(Single Pack) - Roses (Large)-
$13.06 $6.90-$12.71
Custom Keychain-